Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Crisis of Giving? Not in Hounslow!

Another year and another YPI competition! Before Christmas, we held our annual YPI final awards evening. The students (Y10) presented to a judging panel, a room full of business owners, parents and local charity workers with their members.

Winning students with proud parents!

What strikes me every year is the way the students embrace working with people who improve their local community. Each time the competition runs, it builds, the students become more involved and they are keen to continue to work with/help out at their local charity. I don't see a crisis of giving, as was reported in some newspapers recently. I see engaged, enthusiastic students who (many of them) do not have an easy time of it themselves, keen to become involved in their local communities and make a difference in their local community.

Really, on nights like this, I am even more sure that despite the many, many serious issues in the UK at the moment, the terrible policy decisions..... my future at least is in safe hands!

Note: see lovely article here.