Monday, 11 January 2010

Bafta: BVA

Went to Bafta: Be Very Afraid today with 2 of my year 9s. It was running the same time as the world learning forum so over 600 educationalists came through the doors and spoke to some of the schools there. What is always lovely about BVA is the young peoples passion for their work, they are so proud, so engaged and so keen to show off their brilliant efforts - its a joy to see....

This year a few projects stood out for me - A college who have asked pupils to research classroom design and are implementing it across the college (had many similarities to our local CLCs IDOL project - entirely centred around student voice and participation), the Isle of Mann running some themed learning projects based around Pompei (the young person presenting was just so keen and proud of a simple little project but which utilised a whole host of technology) and Jonathan Furness with his pupils using Twitter (and taking it one step further with video).

Our safety project - research Hounslow, interview the local community via YouTube and facebook, design a project around safety plotting (with the police) safe and unsafe areas in Hounslow on Google Earth, designing a safety game for Year 6 pupils and running a borough wide poster comp and putting the winning posters in bus shelter ad spaces - was really well received with many local authorities asking how they could roll this out to their local schools. Lots of discussion and questions but best of all, new links with other teachers and schools just as passionate as us!

Ultimately, whatever your fave parts of BVA were, it leaves you feeling confident in our young people - if our future is in their hands, it will be a safe and exciting one :-)

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