Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Amazing Y10 Students!

Wow! What a long time since I posted last! So sorry! Teaching and having fun in the classroom seems to somehow have got in the way!

Anyway, I have resolved to be better and post weekly! In the meantime, I wanted to post this picture of our fantastic Y10 students (and parents) having won £3000 for the West London Rape Crisis Centre. They had tough competition from the other fab students, but did an amazing job!

We had a fantastic meeting with the fantastic centre manager (Bear Montique) who does an amazing job with limited finds to help women across the whole of West London (6 London Boroughs). Her information about rape, sexual assult and it's perception by young people in London today was astounding (and just a little bit depressing). Raising awareness about these issues, educating young people and empowering them is the only way we can reduce these statistics.
What's really lovely to see is their determination to keep these links going, to continue to help the charity and raise awareness about sexual discrimination. I really couldn't be prouder...

Hope it makes a difference for the charity!

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