Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Using Twitter in School

I've been using twitter for school projects for a while now, pupils tweet their progress and speak to teachers and students from around the world about their projects. It's totally brilliant for giving them a sense of audience (and making them aware of just how many people can access their stuff on the internet!) and pride, whilst also being far more reflective about their work; knowledge AND skills.

However, I am really struggling to get the school to actually unblock twitter. They are worried about pupils seeing inappropriate things, chatting to friends instead of working blah blah, the usual story!

So two things really, 1 has anyone got some nice examples of how the use twitter in the classroom and 2) any suggestions on how to get my school to unblock it?!?!


  1. Accessing Twitter is banned in my School. After using lot of proxies and vpn software's finally i found an reliable VPN i.e "Hotspot Shield" free VPN. This help in bypassing all firewall restrictions to access all blocked content and now i can easily Access Twitter From School with complete privacy.

  2. Thanks! The school unblocked it a while ago and now we have a number of accounts - it's such a fab learning tool isn't it? Now, to unblock Facebook!